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Power Beat International
New Zealand based Research and Development Company to develop, protect, prove and successfully commercialize energy efficient mass consumer technology
Categories: Research
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 1997
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is an emerging switching technology which enables the high speed, simultaneous transfer of large quantities of voice, data and graphics.
Categories: Research
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  Added/Updated: Sunday, February 15, 1998
The New Zealand Social Research Data Archives
Its purpose is to collect,clean, document and preserve computer-readable data relating to social, political and economic affairs and to make that data available for further research and analysis.
Categories: Research
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  Added/Updated: Sunday, February 15, 1998
New Zealand Information Security Forum is a professional body that exists to further the development of Information security in New Zealand, and the r
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  Added/Updated: Saturday, June 27, 1998
Resource and Environmental Data Interpretation System (REDIS)
REDIS is a collection of web and PC based tools for resource and environmental management. Includes Condition assessment/production/ identification
Categories: Research | Environment | Research
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 1998
New Zealand Fungi
The starting point for NZ fungi, mushrooms and mycology
Categories: Environment | Research
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  Added/Updated: Tuesday, November 3, 1998
Simpower Ltd
Simpower Battery Pack Manufacturer and Reburhisher
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  Added/Updated: Monday, November 9, 1998
Social Research Data and Information
The New Zealand Social Science Research Data and Information Services Centre
Categories: Research
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, January 7, 1999
StarGazer: Alternative Science
Theories, ideas and links related to the alternative sciences. Thoughts on Aether/Ether; Pyramids; Free Energy etc... Updated periodically.
Categories: Research
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, January 7, 1999
Sirtrack Ltd
Sirtrack - Tracking and Telemetry
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  Added/Updated: Monday, January 18, 1999
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