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Use this wizard to add a web site to NZPAGES.

The number of steps required may be daunting and it may take a little longer to submit your site but we assure you that with NZPAGES's high level of traffic and exposure that your time will be well spent and the added exposure your site will receive will make it all worthwhile.

NZPAGES will only list sites that are built for New Zealanders and reserves the right to reject any sites it feels does not meet any of the following criteria:

  • Only sites that have been built for New Zealand individuals, companies or organisations and are targeted at a New Zealand audience.
  • Only one listing per web site will be accepted.
  • Only manually submitted web site submissions will be considered.

To submit a web site to NZPAGES you must be the web site owner or a representative / agent acting on behalf of the web site owner.

The submitter will be notified by email when the web site has been successfully added to NZPAGES.

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